About Us

We are a community that looks forward and that seeks to encounter the Divine beyond the confines of the past. And so we are an inclusive and diverse gathering still forming and finding new possibilities. We seek to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves by sharing the abundance that we enjoy.

Our Vision

Faith, Hope & Love give us an orientation toward the future for all of Creation. We seek to participate in the unfolding of tomorrow, and to realise a tomorrow that fully embraces all.

What We Do

We maintain the rhythm of Prayer as the heartbeat of community and bring light to others through our Charity in Nepal (IGWR) and our work with low-income families and refuges at home. (Just Manna) We offer a place of hospitality that seeks to build community.

Who are We?

We are a microcosm, the Good, the Bad and The Ugly. However, we seek our becoming as fully human, and fully alive to the Divine in all life. So we very much focus on community and see that as a global reality for all people.

Finding Our Faith

When we realise that for the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you can give life to a child. Then we know we can all make a difference. We know we can continue the unfolding of creation through the act of giving in Love.

Locum Rector

We welcome our new locum Rector, Gail Falconer, beginning the first of February. Gail is a former parishioner at St Paul's, and has recently retired from the Scarborough parish. Welcome!

The parish nominators (Glenn, Gabby, Toni and Chris) welcome your ideas about our ongoing search for a permanent Rector.

Annual Report

A History of St Paul's

In 2010 the St Paul's Archival Group compiled a history book tracing the church community back to the beginnings of the old church from its foundation stone in 1891. Press the button to go to a scanned version of the book. If you have a slow internet connection, a compressed version of the book is here

Parish Council

St Paul's Beaconsfield has an active Church Community administered by a Parish Council.

Maureen LuciveroTreasurer
Carol Eaton
Celia AndrewsWarden
Martin McAllenWarden
Glenn SwiftWarden
Elizabeth MeredithFundraising
Lyn Sherwood
Theo Mackaay
Debbie GwynneSynod Representative
Pauline O’Hara
Christopher Williams
Christabel ChamaretteSynod Representative

Lay Pastoral Ministry

The work of our Clergy are greatly assisted by our Lay Pastoral Ministry including: Peter Smith, Christabel Chamarette and Gabby Dean.

Music Team

We also have a team of talented musicians who add the the beauty of our services led by Janice Miller-Eves and Cherie Allsop.