Annual General Meeting

25 June 2006

Dates for the Diary

July 16th Confirmation Service

August 9th New series of Living the Questions

August 26th Winter Gourmet Dinner

September 29th NANGA Community Weekend

October 19th Art Exhibition

November 18th Spring Gourmet Dinner

December 2nd Christmas Fair

December 3rd ADVENT

A Prayer in the Spirit of St Paul

Creator of Life, of light and all Love, we pray thee to fill this house with thy Spirit.
Here may the strong renew their strength and seek for their working lives a noble consecration.
Here may the poor find succour and the friendless friendship.
Here may the tempted find power, the sorrowing comfort and the bereaved find the truth that death hath no dominion over their beloved.
Here let the fearing find a new courage and the doubting have their faith and hope confirmed.
Here may the careless be awakened and all that are oppressed be freed.
Hither may many be drawn by thy love and go hence, their doubts resolved and faith renewed, their sins forgiven and their hearts aflame with they love. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
From the Chapel porch, Pleshey Retreat House, with amended divine address.

The kingdom of God, Heaven … is the unseen reality of eternity
in the present
The realisation of the kingdom of God is to be manufactured
here and now, in any and every moment

Thank You to our 2005/2006 Parish Council………

Alan Albany - Christabel Chamarette- Gabrielle Dean - David Heaphy -Laurel & Michael Ellis - Rosemary & Roger Horton
Theo Mackaay(Synod) - Val Pearson(Synod)

And for our 2006/2007 Parish Council……

The nominations are…..
Christabel Chamarette (Warden)- Theo Mackaay (Warden) – Caroline Crichton – Feonagh Cooke - Gabrielle Dean - Laurel Ellis - Rosemary Horton – Kim Kemp - Sandy Ruthven – Anna Weldon
Theo Mackaay(Synod) - Val Pearson(Synod)
(Nominations for Synod Alternates : Alan Albany & Michael Ellis)

AGM Agenda

Opening Prayer and Formalities
Thanks 2005/6 Parish Council
Accept New P.Council & Wardens
Web Site Demonstration
Small Group Strategic Questions
Feedback & Responses
General Business & Other Reports
Acknowledgements & Blessing
Shared Meal of Soup & Bread

Pick up a copy of Last Year’s annual report and look back to where we have been – And then take some time to look forward to imagine where we might be going

Rector’s Reflections…….

On paper the year looks like a year of ‘maintaining’ ourselves although in practice there is a definite sense of continuing to develop our emerging reality!
My time in India was certainly confirming both of our potential as community and of my own sense of vocation. It was also affirming of the orientation that “living the Gospel” is a desire that can be realised.
In the year ahead we will look more closely at ourselves and will be considering the part we play in the development of a Christian presence here in Beaconsfield….. We/I continue to put energy into maintaining our financial viability and as we look to our future I will be looking at spending more time in the wider community (beyond the parish) as our development from maintenance toward sustainability looks as if it will need ‘active’ & ‘other’ participation.
I look forward to developing/encountering more intimate networks that share a vision that looks beyond the institutional church – and to becoming more focussed on energy sharing with the ‘Leaven in the Loaf’…..
I’m also looking to make plans for my long-service leave which I expect to take in 2008 and would like to use that time to initiate/realise another step forward that is creative for both St Paul’s and my ministry.
There has been much shared in previous years – and there continues to be some wonderful glimpses of our future….. Could we achieve more with better leadership? Could we achieve more with a more committed community? There is no reliable answer to this Chicken&Egg puzzle – rather what WE achieve will be directly proportional to OUR participation.
For me St Paul’s is still the best place to start – it is also my lifeline to the church……… and my fear is that such an attitude might be the catalyst for parochial inertia.

Live a life worthy of the Calling to which you have been called
Pray without Ceasing
Shine as a Light in the world to the Glory of God

The Year Ahead

As we continue into the reality of being ‘The Body of Christ” so we become more real, knowing ourselves in relation to (and with) all….
Sharing our Time our Talents and our Assets with (and for) the building up of the Body…….
As we look to tomorrow and our part in the tomorrow of St Paul’s there are some immediate issues for us to engage…..
Repairing the East wall – Is it time, and are we committed to continuing the development of our community presence in this place.?
Our Giving requires that we spend much time and effort supplementing our community finances from other sources - Do we have more to share?
Are we able to continue and extend the support we offer to those in need in the wider community.
Can we create and nurture a life of prayer and worship that embraces the Gospel rather than the Institution of the Church.
As we look to tomorrow what is the “energy’ or ‘Spirit’ that informs our perspective…… We live in a world of fear, greed and power hungry institutions… we also live in the Light of the Divine and are creative of a world of Love, Abundance and Relationship to All……

When Jesus ‘set his face to go to Jerusalem’ it was not to confront the Roman military machine, nor the merchants of Mammon, but to face the major opposition to the Way of God: the religious structures. The soldiers who killed him did not know what they did: but the priests did.
Cedric Mason

Small Group Strategic Questions

1. An opportunity to share your thoughts, dreams, doubts and questions about the ongoing conversation that seeks to clarify what we do with the east wall of the Church.

2. We have been asked if we would be a sponsor Organistions for a refugee Family that seek to be brought to Australia from the Sudan. Are WE in a position to offer this support?


This time last year we were in a fever of activity and not a little panic as we rushed to get the garden ‘ready’ for the consecration of the ‘garden of memory’ by the Archbishop in September ( or was it August?). We potted and planted, weeded and watered all the while watching with alarm as the hundreds of various bulbs, in the ground and in pots intended for sale, showed every sign of flowering well ahead of schedule! And, most of them duly did but on the day the ranunculii in the garden of memory were just beautiful to see. We had ordered a 100 white bulbs thinking the ‘garden of memory’ should have the certain gravitas that lots of white flowerings would bring but they turned out to be all colours of the rainbow and looked marvelous! Accordingly, this planting season we have put in another 100 ranunculi bulbs, specifying coloured, this time..
The big day itself was not without challenges: the weather was foul, the ‘open’ garden day had to go indoors and the Archbishop was seriously late but in the end, the garden was blessed and we relaxed. Permanently, we think. Later in the year John of Oxford’s ashes were laid to rest there. We are honoured that his family would choose St Paul’s garden for this and we believe that he would be happy to be there in the eternal thick of our planting, watering, mulching and manuring surrounded by herbs and roses, bulbs and trees.
Since then our time in the garden has moved at a much slower pace. With Kim’s help we raised quite a lot of money at the February Midsummer Night’s Dream dinner and it has now just about all gone into the garden. All that’s left to do this planting season is to put in 1000 freesia bulbs around the new olive trees and finish off the ‘hill’ behind the church which has been planted particularly with grape and passionfruit vines.
The shaping influence of St Paul’s garden has been apparent during the East End conversations where the back wall and temporary (circa 1905) portions of the church building are currently being discussed. This brings to mind Bob Matthews’ work in artfully paving the whole back area just beyond the church’s back door. This has created another sort of ‘garden’ of great interest and possibility. Thank you Bob (and Peter for its conception). The garden as an entity is now at a point where it draws the church towards it, beckoning , perhaps, an opening up of the one to the other..
Monet Dreaming (Beth, Pat, Jane and Joan)

Wardens' report.

The single biggest task which we were required to tackle during the year was to ensure that ministry continued at St Paul’s during Peter’s leave from July – October 2005. Planning the coverage for Sunday services was only one aspect of that work, and we record here our thanks to the priests who came to celebrate and preach.
We were delighted with the way members of the Parish responded to our requests for assistance. Such times demonstrate very clearly just how much work is done ‘out of sight’ by our priest and it was encouraging that we managed to cover most, if not all, of the functions needed for our ministry. Thank you to those who filled in in such areas as pastoral visiting in particular.
Thanks also to members of Parish Council who graciously accepted our chairing of Council meetings during Peter’s absence.
During this year we have tried to meet more regularly with Peter as Wardens and this has proved to be a very valuable way of reviewing parish life and (trying) to better understand and fulfil our role.
Christabel Chamarette & Theo Mackaay

Thank YOU
We give thanks for the foundations we have inherited from the Past – for those who created and built the Church and those who established a worshipping presence here..
We give thanks for those who have maintained that faithful presence – for all who ‘come to church’ and for those who participate in “making church’.
We give thanks for those who have the vision to translate the past into the present and those with a vision to translate the present into the future.

Financial Report

Round figures

Our total offerings this year 70308
As a percentage of our operating income 73%
Our average weekly giving 1352
Families in St Paul’s community 165
Average number in Church each week 100

Our average weekly giving per family $8.19
Our average weekly giving per attendee $13.52

Annual Income from other sources 26342
Grants received for repairs & maintenance 80000

Possible Analysis

56246 comes from 20 people giving an average of $54.00 per week
14062 comes from 80 people giving an average of $3.38 per week

Unknown Forecasts

1. Will WE commit TOGETHER to repair/restore/restate the Church?
2. Will we increase our giving to enable creative initiatives?
3. Will we GIVE more and INVEST more in St Paul’s?


It is in GIVING

The Earth produces of itself

Greater things that these – YOU will do

Music Ministry Report

Music at St Paul’s, for me, is a central part of our worship. Our songs colour the liturgical seasons of Lent-Easter, Advent-Christmas and Pentecost as well as flavouring our festivities. Our choir continues to develop in musicianship and ‘blending’ and we are increasing our repertoire of songs and hymns whilst maintaining our growing role, and signature voice in the community - here and outwith St Paul’s. For me in giving we also receive.
This year, Jeremy joined us as a permanent singer, replacing his familiar olive-green scarf and black beanie with the new mantle of his cornerstone role as bass leader. Jeff joined us too, in Advent and their contribution has enriched our sound with a depth and resonance that underpins our music consistently. Lucy arrived in sunshine late last year and through these new comers, and more recently Victoria, I am reminded of what may be achieved when people really commit to something, ongoingly. For me, this level of commitment is essential for the growth of the group and, on our best days, we really sing as ‘one body’ of co-operative, complimentary and inter-dependent parts. Thank you to all the choir for the sustained consciousness it asks to keep giving, despite whatever else is happening within and without. To those who have been here for much longer, thank you for staying with it, for making the adjustments to change and to departures and new arrivals.

Highlights this year 2006

… Advent and the Nine Lessons and Carols; Midnight mass, more cohesive than in previous years; Lent and our move to the rear of the church; Holy Week with seven services in one week and the difficult turn around from ‘songs of suffering’ to ‘hallelujahs and rejoicing’ (!); the Memorial Garden Consecration - marathon sing … some believed it was planned entertainment; Fremantle Hospital Children’s concert; Heartsong twice monthly; ambient music for the Parish Fayre; funerals for friends and family of the parish; Theo’s Homeless Cathedral service; Kate and Chad’s wedding; the choir dinner (chef - Kim) celebrating our singers and accompanists in an Oscars night – hosted brilliantly by our stunning comperes Peter and Krisztina – we also honoured Kim’s bright star, her fantastic energy and visual flair which teams so strongly with our music to make some wonderful moments.
I believe we are blessed to have so much generously-given talent at St Paul’s with which to vision, symbolise and reveal the seasons, stories, Gospel and our own becoming.
Thank you Michelle for your playing and enthusiasm.
Finally to the many parishioners whose enjoyment and appreciation of ‘what we are about’ helps enormously and for your voices thank you - I believe we have the best singing congregation in Perth!
Caroline, 2006.