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We Give Thanks ...


Church and East End:

Beautiful church building and chapel

Beautiful church

Beautiful place being created

Visual beauty developing

Being part of vision and growth of St Paul’s


Our priest Peter

Great sermons

The chance to grow and improve as a person when taking Peter’s sermons into my life

Relevant teaching

The Rector and his distillation of the word in sermons and advice

Ministry of Peter

Provocative teaching

Sincere services


Theology and liturgy

Spiritual growth

Spiritual support

Opportunity to theologise

Involvement in the mass

Creative expression

Spiritual awakenings

Participation in public worship

Finding the life force within




Spirit of searching and openness I find here

Sense of energy

Generosity of spirit

Intellectual stimulation

Closeness to the divine  


Sacred space

Peace and quiet


Songs, voices, smiles and care

The joy of music, support and loving leadership in the choir by its members


Music ministry



Worship services and choir

Joy in music


Choir enthusiasm





Garden and building



Friendship – Fellowship:

Care, friendship and life of the church

Opportunity to share with wonderful people of God

Openness, smiles, naturalness, ability to share their view

Ongoing growth and friendship of the people and the joy of belonging to this parish

A parish that is alive and worshipping with joy and thanks for what we have


The people


My “St Paul’s” family

Friendship and community spirit with caring people


Emotional support and friendship

Friendship and fellowship

Happy smiling faces

Caring of the people


Love that comes out of the people

Friendship of the community


Support from friends spiritually and emotionally

Giving of and generosity of love from all the community

Support in time of need

Sense of belonging

Sense of belonging

Support in day to day living

A place to be myself


Community (x 4)

Love and blessings of this community

Community spirit

A close and friendly community

Belonging to a caring community

Sense of community

Community spirit

Community of faith

Generous community



Sharing the tasks

Giftedness of the people




Being part of things – archives

Commitment of the people

My return to St Paul’s after many years of marriage and attendance elsewhere

Sunday School

Joining families at Sunday School


Saving the cost of a gym membership!



Satisfaction in doing a job

Activities for giving and receiving

Email discussion group that kept me spiritually connected while away

Gabby’s photos and book excerpts

Fun and great range of activities


Home  Group

A chance to participate in Bible Study

“Beyond Church”

Reaching out to the world

Social justice

Structure, order, routine I can rely on when I am feeling the complete opposite


What I'd Like to Change

I want to see a service with modern music – everyday language that is a holy reflection of living faith

Greater variety in music choice

More contemporary music

Music – update style of music chosen

To know more about decisions made before they happen

To know about the decisions that are made when they’re made – i.e. ? notice in hall - ? part of pew sheet

Communication from rector to parishioners – do not ignore

More information as to what is our future – not to hear about things from somebody else

More pastoral care

Pastoral care

Less talk of money

Vision for new community hall/kitchen

Greater ownership of financial responsibility

Capacity to pay for a second priest

Paying off chapel in two years

Not knowing the names of many parishioners

Name tags

Make sure new people are welcomed

New people should be given something – e.g. about St Paul’s and follow-up

New people

Get Pinakarri people back

“I miss Jeremy”

Church camp not on grand final weekend – maybe back to May

Stories of faith of the people (including Peter) sharing in the church to inspire one another

A “knowing” of each other

Cakes baked on hot rocks



Less noise in church

No talking in church

Keep the service as “sacred” as possible – e.g. no social chit-chat

No talking before the service

More contemplative spaces in the liturgy

Silent prayer

More respect for sanctity of service time from some adults including respect for the choir when singing the postlude



Some emphasis ecology when considering development of gardens – i.e. providing habitats for bugs, birds and reptiles

More native plants, more insects

Bicycle racks

More dancing

Take care of tendency to “Group Speak” – i.e. jargon and forced wording

More diverse involvement in worship presentation

A greater sense of all involvement

Cushions at the middle section of the communion rail

Kneeling cushions at rail

Kneeling pads all the way along the communion rail

All the children have a turn at lighting the candle

Children contributing directly to worship service

More activities involving our children

Fewer “after church” notices – e.g. family birthdays

The Agnus Dei – The Creed!

Not so much emphasis on food and wine

Heating and cooling in the church

Cold in church in winter – hot in summer

Fans in church

More small study groups for people to mix

Our ability to attract some younger members who will ultimately take “over the reins”

More young people

A teenage program which grows into a committed Christian involvement

Gossip, backbiting and complaining

Negative talk about other people



More focus on leadership of all – not just a few to share the load

Inspiring ways to raise money

Fundraising for all

Audio system for hearing impaired

Sound system

A mid-week communion service

More storage space needed for Archives etc

The use of more people’s talents

Who chooses committees?  Who has a say?

A more coordinated approach to the East End development with more respect and love for those involved

Never an end to the need for repairs

What we seek to Realise in the year Ahead


More fun activities that express creativity as a way to the divine

Singing, drama, games

More of the same wonder music, Sunday lunches, worship and study groups

Promote the “community” of St Paul’s to hopefully attract new attendees

Outreach to community – advertise the existence of what we have

Advertise the venue for weddings – a good source of income

Emphasis on spiritual growth for young people of the parish and the broader community

New church members

Bring in more children

Continuation of children’s ministry

Just keep it all up – including me

Drama/music in the amphitheatre

Exploitation of chapel and amphitheatre

Performances in amphitheatre

Interfaith events in chapel

Repair to front of church – near doors

More meaningful worship

Less is more – rest awhile ?

Youth group

Stop bitching – really show interest and care for one another – pretend community towards real community

Wheels on the piano in the hall

A slightly more functional kitchen one day

Cleaning out the gutter

Refurbishment of hall and associated structures

Hanging the bell and ringing it for calling the faithful

A plan for refurbishment of new kitchen and studio

Community kitchen – cafe plans

Community kitchen/meeting room

Repairs to church stonework and hall

Possibility of people being able to rent a place somewhere on the block

A plan for our future senior/aged care outreach

Greater involvement by community in their spiritual growth

Variation of persons greeting people at church door at Sunday service – not just handing out books

To be more involved in the needs of the community when there are gaps in caring

Half (at least) of the loan paid

Financial ownership of the church  

Growth in giving

More help raising funds to repay debts

Create innovative and sustainable fundraising for Snowlands School and other outreach projects

Pay of one third of the loan

Taking social justice into the wider community

Honesty with one another

Honesty with care, compassion and love

Development and realisation of beautiful gardens

Native plants

Consider planting now fo the future – some local species tress that will give us and creatures shelter  

See garden grow

Gardens growing

Development of 166/168 housing project

More recognition from rector/council

More people onboard rather than the same people contributing all the time

Sound system for the church

Another service with contemporary music

Bring new people more diversity of praxis

A concentrated effort once or twice a year to bring a friend or pick up an elderly person to bring to church

A space in the church for small children/parents – like the old play/crying room

Get help for Peter to grow St Paul’s

Be on lookout for new members

Provide storage for Archival material

Contemplative time without words

A “Way of the Cross” style walk around the church, amphitheatre and garden for lent

More giving so that we may have the opportunity to expand, grow and develop

Being more “real”

Focus outward on others

Follow-up and support for people new faith

More pastoral care