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Heartsong services are held on the first Sunday of the month at 7pm in a darkened, candlelit church. Gentle, Taize-style, chanting is already underway as we enter, inviting us to gather ourselves and sit quietly or join in. There are cushions at the front on the floor for those who prefer a more informal style of seating. The Priest-led ecumenical service lasts for an hour and includes one or two short readings from a variety of traditions as well as several different chants and a reflection/meditation. After this, we are invited to move to the back of the church for anointing with Holy Oil if we wish.

Each Heartsong, we focus on one sentence, for example “My spirit abides among you; fear not”, which we then sing as a chant. The sentence usually relates to the day’s readings, as well as the current liturgical season and the season of Nature we’re in. Heartsong seeks to form a bridge between and across different spiritual ‘ways’.

The services seem to attract a fairly small but regular group of the St Paul’s community as well as people from the wider community.

Thank you for your support and for coming out on cold, dark nights in Winter!

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St Paul’s Beaconsfield

The website reflects the progress and journey of the community. This year the highlight has been the building of the East End.

I add the information from the service sheet to the website each week. I have created archives of the weekly meditations and prayers from the sheets. Community members contribute photos, so there is a pictorial archive as well. Special thanks to Peter Smith for the daily photos of the progress of the East End, to Gabby for weekly service photos and to Lia for her special occasion shots, and to many others for this fabulous record. Peter’s sermons are faithfully transcribed by Gabby and I add each to the website. There’s a Highlights page to whet the appetite and then the full sermons to read and ponder over.

There is also a links section, including information about each of the world’s religions as well as resources for study, prayers and meditations.

Allied to the website is the Discussion Group, where those who wish share prayers, meditations, ideas, problems and journeying. Why not explore the website and visit the Discussion Group?

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There are a steady stream of visitors to the website, from all over the world, become one of them.

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