AGM 2010 Minutes of Meeting held on 20 Jun 2010 in Parish Hall

A Prayer in the Spirit of St Paul’s

Business matters

Minutes: were taken by the Rector
A “List of Attendees” was circulated for completion
The “Parish Roll” was accepted as being all those included in the Parish directory
Last years minutes were received and accepted as correct
[proposed Lyn Sherwood – seconded Chris Jamieson}

Warden’s - Parish Council

The Current parish Council were acknowledge with thanks and applause....
Christabel Chamarette (Warden)- Chris Jamieson (Warden) – Kim Kemp(Warden) – Alan Albany – Debbie Gwynne - Rosemary Horton - Lia Johnson - Michael Jessup - Bob Matthews (Treasurer) – Lynn Sherwood – Sharon Wayland - Angela Wilson

The following nominations were confirmed and accepted for the New Parish Council
Chris Jamieson (Warden) – Kim Kemp – Alan Albany – Debbie Gwynne - Rosemary Horton - Lia Johnson - Michael Jessup (Warden) - Bob Matthews (Treasurer) – Lynn Sherwood – Shirley Joy Cansell
Sharon Wayland - Angela Wilson
Alan Albany(Synod) - Val Pearson(Synod) from previous election.

Warden’s report

Christabel Chris & Kim presented a summary of the reports they had included in the AGM report
Acknowledging their supporting role for both priest & community
And appreciating the achievements that were evidenced in the completion of the
“East End Project”.
Identified the possibilities and potential that were created by the new chapel and the amphitheatre.

Financial Report

Bob Matthews presented a summary of the financial reports that had been distributed to the meeting.
Attention was drawn to the loan [$184, 618.75 - $200,000] and a need for all to commit to support.
This will be a challenge that the whole community needs to address.
The ‘auditor’ has not finished with the audit and this would be attended to by Church Council later.
Following an opportunity for questions and comment the report was accepted
[proposed Bob Matthews – seconded Rosemary Horton]

Rector’s report

Peter H spoke to his report as per the AGM reports handout
Illustrated the need for continuation and sustainability as per the “Elijah and Elisha” saga.
Asked that all consider reviewing their weekly giving and taking our new loan into account
Spoke of an ‘expectation’ that we might pay off the loan in 2 years - saving some $186,000 in interest AGM 2010 Minutes of Meeting.

Discussion & Feedback session...

An opportunity to give shape to our tomorrows
And a setting of the agenda for our new Parish Council - (what are we here for)

1. What I give thanks for at St Paul’s
2. What needs attention – What I would change
3. What we seek to realise in the year ahead
The feedback from this session is included in a separate document.

Feedback from attendees at the meeting

Reports from the floor

Sunday School

Robyn nnounced the new initiative of changing their name to “SPARKLES CLUB”
and commented on the delightful new energy that was supporting the children and
young members of the parish.

Archive group

Margaret Paynter presented a summary of the groups activity and highlighted:

  • The heritage Festival which had been very successful
  • The History of St Paul’s Book
  • A need to create some more formal storage and working space for this important activity.


The fundraising activities and targets for the year were given with an invitation that
we all get more involved.

Garden group

An acknowledgement and thanks for the work of the Garden group

Just Manna

Speaking to the report and highlighting this important ministry that demonstrates that our ministry reaches way beyond the boundaries of the church.

Prayer group

Clarissa acknowledged the important ministry offered by those who hold the community
and others in prayer.

Sycamore Tree project

Michael Cockram spoke of the support provided by members of the Parish to the work of the
Sycamore Tree project in prisons. Another example of ministry reaching beyond St Paul’s.

Web Site & Discussion group

Rosemary Hortonspeaking to the report on the web-site and explained the diagrams that were provided to the meeting.
The value of the discussion group was also acknowledged

Home Group

Rosemary Horton reported on the ongoing sharing of hospitality and sharing of spiritual journeys of the Group. She acknowledged the energy and support provided by and for its members.


Roger Horton acknowledged the ongoing work of the rector.


Thanks to all who participated and for the feedback that helps us to see ourselves as
One Body (of many parts)