Our AGM 15th June 2008

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Receive the Holy Spirit

St Paul’s Beaconsfield
Annual Report – Part I

You are invited to the St Paul’s Annual General Meeting
Our opportunity to acknowledge the year we’ve enjoyed together and to look toward the future as we plan the year ahead.
This ‘report’ provides some background material and hopefully stimulates some thought so that we can share ideas and together plan for the future and the year ahead. Individual reports from different groups should be available next week and at the AGM


Warden’s & Parish Council
Financial Report
2008 – 2009 Budget
East End & Development Presentation
St Pauls on the Internet

2020 Summit

A sharing of ideas and feedback...
An opportunity to give shape to our tomorrows
And a setting of the agenda for our new Parish Council
Volunteers to make soup & bread to share at the AGM
Please let Val know if you can help


"Receive the Holy Spirit".
+++ 2020 Vision - a few thoughts.....

Children’s Activities
The ebb & flow of Children, the impact of Sport and other activities for children continue to challenge us as a community in terms of what we can give to our young members. The Sunday ‘Activities in the Hall’ are again experiencing renewed energy and have reignited the conversations about further initiatives for our growing youth.......

Youth Program
There is interest in planning, supporting and providing a program of week-night events for our ‘youth’.... Giving them an opportunity to establish their own identity as part of a Church community......

At-Home Community Care
A suggestion.. that we establish a c\’community Care’ program (possibly in partnership with Amana Living or Mercy Care) to offer full at home care to our Elders...... The objective being to enable us to stay at home for our sunset years... and have care & support from those we know.... We have nurses, wonderful cooks, carers and other resources that could be formed into a commercially viable program for members of St Paul’s and the wider community....

Short Term Accommodation
The development of 166 & 168 Hampton Road could result in having the capacity to provide short term accommodation and support for the wider community.... And may initiate similar programs off-site.

Refugee Support
Just Manna has been very active in providing first hand support to those ‘New Australians’ who have a real challenge in making a new start and a home here..... There is always more to do... and more help required

Monthly Shared Meal
Another ‘community’ suggestion, that we have a monthly shared meal that can be an ‘Open House” for any who need or who would appreciate sharing in the hospitality of our community

Community Living
The McCleery Street Development and the proposed Community housing for 166 & 168 Hampton Road will change the overall St Paul’s Precinct. What opportunities does this present?

Community Growth
We will always experience an Ebb & Flow in community, the modern world is very much geared to movement..... However, we continue to build on firm foundations and continue a story of community in this place.... What are the signs and needs for our continued growth & maturity?

St Pauls Foundation
Established with profits generated from the development of 166 & 168 Hampton Road this is an opportunity for us to work with sustainable finances... especially if we also receive bequests from members of the community and sponsorship from beyond the community.
What opportunities does this movement from maintenance ministry to sustained ministry give to all of us?

Ministry Initiatives
Our 12 ‘Pastoral Assistants’, now known as ‘Liturgical Assistants and ‘Lay Pastoral Ministers’, are opening opportunities to discuss our liturgy and our ‘priestly ministry’..... What gifts can we realise in regard to our worship and our pastoral role in the wider community?

A voice in the wilderness
There are many ways ‘we’ have a presence in the wider community, some obvious like school chaplains, our pastoral ministries and members vocations and some not so visible as we go about our everyday experiences. It has been suggested that we have an event (possibly in the Town Hall) to bring St Paul’s to the wider community... a concert, a cabaret, a dinner with entertainment... How might we give of ourselves in such a way that others ‘get’ that which we too seek and enjoy?

More staff?
The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few

Groups & Services........Who’s Who

Liturgical Assistants & Lay Pastoral Ministers
Alan Albany, Krisztina Bartlett, Christabel Chamarette, Gabby Dean,
Kim Kemp, Corrie Robson, Peter Smith, Joan Matthews, Val Pearson, Chris Jamieson, Susan Grace, Michael Jessup

Sunday School
Clara, Lucette Cant,, Rhonda Clegg, Sue Cooke, Elizabeth Farmer,
Debbie Gwynne, Belinda Hopper, Sue Izzett, Francis, Shirley-Joy Jamieson, Kath Jordan, Kim Kemp, Robin & Chris, Paul Roberts

Just Manna
Laurel Ellis, Angela Wilson, Chris Williams, Lyn Sherwood, Michael Jessup, Joan Jessup, Jenny Grace

Choir & Music Ministry
Janice, Christabel, Michael C, Michael E, Jeff, Jeremy, Lucy, Vicki, Ali, Krisztina, Michelle, Madeleine, Clarissa, Belinda, Kate, Rosemary, Roger,

Visiting & Pastoral Care Group
Denise Dobson, Krisztina Bartlett, Cynthia Russell, Angela Wilson, Lyn Sherwood, Val Pearson, Joan Matthews, Kath Jordan, Laurel Ellis, Maggie Brett, David Hawkes, Michael Jessup, Kim Kemp, Lucia Chipper

Media & Management
Treasurer: Bob Matthews
Parish Secretary: Val Pearson
Office: Margaret Paynter & Val Pearson
Service sheets: Gabby Dean
Web-Site: Rosemary Horton

Prayer group
Contact: Joan Matthews

Elder’s Morning Tea
Contact: Kim Kemp

Hell’s Angels (Gardeners)
Contact: Debbie Gwynne

Sycamore Tree Project
Contact: Michael Cockram, Kim Kemp

Church & Hall Cleaning
Church cleaning Contact: Ruth Shelley
Hall Cleaning Contact: Maggie Brett
Brass Cleaning Contact: Neville Taylor

Worship & Services Support
Heartsong Contact: Caroline
Counters Contact: Bob Matthews
Sides People Contact: Val Pearson
Worship Roster Contact: Val Pearson
Morning Tea Roster contact: Margaret Paynter

Regular Event Coordination
Christmas Fair Contact: Chris Jamieson
Gourmet Dinners Contact Kim Kemp
Art Exhibition Contact: Joy Graham, Christabel Chamarette
Nanga Community Weekend Contact:Peter H
Monthly Busy Bees Contact: Bob Matthews

St Paul’s Development (166&168 Hampton Road)
Project Director: Rodger Philpott
Project Architect: Graham Kershaw
Enquiries: Rodger, Peter H or Wardens

Rector’s report

Re reading last years reflection ....
“The ‘ebb & flow’ of community life makes it difficult to discern trends and directions…. everything is relative… and perhaps that is what community is about. There are some wonderful ‘signs’ that we are finding life and creating life, and as a community we hold a sacred space that ‘gives’ to all who come to St Paul’s…….”“
On one hand it is a delight to find these comments still apply, and on the other hand I wonder “where has the year gone?”
Perhaps this is a sign of movement (albeit too fast and too slow!).
Once again we’re on the threshold of new development...... The East End Project has grown to encompass further changes to the St Paul’s precinct with the proposed development of homes on 166 & 168 Hampton road... and this in turn creates a change of ‘shape’ to our community and so too new opportunities....
The reflections of ADVENT and LENT have been valuable opportunities for us to ‘imagine’ ourselves in the unfolding of the divine story... And the delight that we find in worshipping together and in sharing hospitality continue to give life and to give meaning and purpose to the unfolding of life.
The year ahead will be a year of changes... of securing foundations and of reshaping our view of the world and our view in the world..... May we all be richly blessed as we bless each other in our being together.

Thank YOU
We give thanks for the foundations we have inherited from the Past – for those who created and built the Church and those who established a worshipping presence here..
We give thanks for those who have maintained that faithful presence – for all who ‘come to church’ and for those who participate in “making church’.
We give thanks for those who have the vision to translate the past into the present and those with a vision to translate the present into the future.
Thank You for being here – and for being who you are

Financial Report 1

Round figures……

Our operating Expenditure $109,538
Our total offerings this year $92812
As a percentage of our operating income 77.3%
Our average weekly giving 1785
Families in St Paul’s community 160
Average number in Church each week 100
Our average weekly giving per family $11.15
Our average weekly giving per attendee $17.85
Annual Income from Hall hire,
Weddings, Fundraising other sources $27244
Thank You Bob Matthews our Treasurer & treasure for keeping the books balanced.

Did You Know?
Every Expense associated with St Paul’s comes directly from our Giving…
We pay for the priests stipend (wages)
We pay all the regular Bills – rates, Insurance, Gas, Electricity
We pay every office expense – Computers, Stationery, Photocopying…
We pay for every maintenance job completed on our buildings
And we pay for every ministry activity that reaches beyond our community – such as funding for School Chaplains, Refugees, Emergency relief….
And then… we also pay 16% of our collection to ‘Church Office” for the ministry of the wider Anglican Communion in the Diocese of Perth….
is dependant on OUR GIVING
Some thoughts……

Will we increase our regular giving to enable creative initiatives?
Will we GIVE more of ourselves and INVEST more in St Paul’s?

East End Fundraising....
So far we have received $93,631 from members of the community who initially pledged $127,070... and so over the next year another $33,439 is anticipated to complete the initial pledges.....
In Total we have raised $122,529 toward the East End Project and have also received a Lottery West grant for $35,000...
The Project Budget is currently estimated at $390,000 and so we still have
$232,471 to find.......
With around 160 members of the community this amounts to $1452 each...

Diamonds R Forever fundraising
The promotion of memorial “purple diamonds” for installation in the side windows of the church has been slow to get going......
However we have 6 people who have already nominated 8 diamonds... that leaves104 diamonds still to be sponsored.....
With renewed effort this initiative could raise $40,000 toward the East End project...AND provide us with a full spectrum of liturgical colour in our church windows.

St Paul’s Foundation
The development of the community units on 166 & 168 Hampton Road is budgeted to achieve a ‘profit’ and this will be used to establish a ‘Foundation’ for the ongoing ‘Ministry’ and ‘Development’ of St Paul’s....
It is an opportunity for us to establish a financial foundation for the many creative initiatives that this community generates...
Likewise, a bequest from members of the community to the foundation would be a wonderful gift that enables us to continue giving and to acknowledge the gift of this community for the future.

General Fundraising Activities
Christmas Fair $11,538
Art Exhibition $3,000
Diners &Events $5,342
Our fundraising activities continue to be an important part of our financial maintenance..... And you are encouraged to create and/or support the events throughout the year ahead....

2020 Vision

As we journey through life, so we participate in the very unfolding of Life. We are a part of the creativity that unfolds the creation, part of the movement that takes us toward tomorrow...... We experience this as ourselves, as part of a family, a community and as a part of the universe.
The AGM and a look at our ‘vision’ is a time to reflect on the movements we experience (that which contributes to who we are) and the movements we seek (that which contributes to who we are becoming)
So... some general thoughts to begin the process.........

1. What is your idea of a subtitle for the St Paul’s community....?
For example: St Paul’s is a creative place for all people to worship regardless of race, creed, age, cultural background or sexual orientation....
2. As we ‘re-develop’ the precinct are there “other” resources that need to be considered.. Additional meeting rooms, temporary accommodation.....?
3. Are we able to move beyond “Maintenance” and into “Sustainability? What implications are there for a St Paul’s Foundation to manage bequests and other donations?
4. As we develop the St Paul’s precinct with a number of homes surrounding the church.. do/should we move into a monastic model of ministry?
5. What are our ‘Life Giving’ community characteristics?
6. What would build on what we do... and/or enable us to bring life to others?
7. How can we become more “fully alive to the Glory of God”?

The gift of wisdom corresponds to the virtue of charity.
The gift of understanding corresponds to the virtue of faith.
The gift of knowledge corresponds to the virtue of faith.
The gift of counsel corresponds to the virtue of prudence.
The gift of fortitude corresponds to the virtue of fortitude.
The gift of piety corresponds to the virtue of justice.
The gift of fear of the Lord corresponds to the virtue of hope.
(Thomas Aquinas commenting on the gifts referred to in Isaiah)

That was the Year that was.....

Planning - Realising
Maintaining - Growing
Re-creating – Resting
Disturbance - Contentment
Giving - Receiving
Fast – Slow
How do you see the year just passed...
What was YOUR experience in this community?
What biblical narrative does it bring to mind?
What would be a metaphor for the year just completed?


Tomorrow... The Year Ahead......

A new roof on the Church...... Cranes, Bob-cats, Architects and Builders..... Christmas and Easter.... the Red Days...Pentecost and a new window... stained Glass bringing new colour... capturing an image and an icon of who we are...... or maybe who we were....... or more likely who we will be.....

As we look to tomorrow we might look for the Architects of our becoming... the builders within that share our unfolding....
And as we come together so too we address the cracks that continue to confront us.
Three great Questions

How does my spiritual practice and daily life serve the earth?
How does my spiritual practice and daily life affect the poorest third of humanity?
How does my spiritual practice and daily life affect the generations to come in the future?
These same questions are included here each year!

Our 2007/2008 Parish Council……

Christabel Chamarette (Warden)- Theo Mackaay (Warden) – Kim Kemp(Warden) – Alan Albany - Rosemary Horton - Chris Jamieson - Bob Matthews (Treasurer) - Val Pearson(Secretary)

Theo Mackaay(Synod) - Val Pearson(Synod)
( Synod Alternates : Alan Albany & Michael Ellis)

We thank those who have taken the responsibilities for the ongoing life of our community...

Our 2007/2008 Parish Council……
And the nominations are..........Still coming in


Annual Report – Part II

The various reports from individuals and groups should be available next Sunday... Together with the completed nominations for Parish Council & Wardens......

Please take some time to reflect on “The Life of St Paul’s”... we are an amazingly gifted community and ‘together’ are involved in so many diverse communities and ministries... The AGM is an opportunity for us to acknowledge and build on the Life Giving Spirit of St Paul’s.... A chance for us to share and to Give so that our calling may be realised......

And... a new Community Directory should be available at the AGM...

Report on Study at St Paul’s
Gabby Dean

A number of Study Groups have been held during the year, continuing the spirit of exploration of previous years in the Living the Questions and Dancing the Divine series.

This year, Advent and Lent groups gave us opportunities to share and reflect on the meaning and mystery of these major liturgical seasons.

Advent materials included Paula D’Arcy’s daily reflections, while another Advent group examined the symbolic and physical journey of the liturgical year, the liturgy and church buildings. Lent groups included an examination of Richard Rohr and Paula D’Arcy’s A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life, weekly reflections on the Sunday readings and materials that were inspired by ‘core stories’ from scripture. In addition to these seasonal discussions, the very popular ‘Hilton Home Group’ has been meeting on Friday nights throughout the year in the homes of parishioners.

The groups have given us the chance to engage with theology of some of the thinkers on spirituality and 'progressive' Christianity, such as Richard Rohr, Richard Holloway (Doubts and Loves, What’s Left of Christianity), Michael Casey (Fully Human, Fully Divine), Philip Yancey’s (What’s so amazing about Grace), Joan Chittister, Michael Mayne and John O’Donohue, amongst others. In addition, the Nanga weekend was another opportunity to contemplate and live as community, and the St Paul’s website and the Discussion site provide material throughout the year for us to share and reflect on.

Coming Soon!

July - East End internal design & stained Glass window
August - Hall Kitchen renovation plans
September 26th -29th Nanga Community weekend
September/October Re roofing St Paul’s Church
November 30th - 1st Sunday in ADVENT
December 6th – Christmas Fair (St Nicholas Day)
2009 – The renovation of the East Wall & new Chapel
2009 - Community Development of 166 &168 Hampton Road