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    Community (parish) life is always experiencing change as each and every member of the community experiences change; and as a Church community we experience an ebb and flow as different people come and go, and as people contribute more, or less, to the life and activity of our community. We are a very mixed bunch at St Paul’s and overall we delight in the diversity that makes us who we are, and perhaps it is a sign of growth that we never seem to be able to fully describe who we really are.
    We welcome those who are ‘new’ to St Paul’s and appreciate that it is sometimes difficult to find how to fit in and to feel a part of the Church community, please be assured that those of us who have been here for ages are still finding the same difficulties. What we can acknowledge is that each and everyone has a place here and a part to play in our becoming.
    We have an orientation here toward ‘Seeking’ rather than ‘Knowing’ God and that in turn creates a community that is always subject to change; it can be disturbing to those who want certainty and security, it can be challenging for those who already have well-formed traditions; and equally it can be frustrating to those who seek to take more risks. But, together, we can comfort those who are disturbed, support those who are challenged and we can encourage those who take risks; and in that reality we can all find a place here, and go forth from here if and when our journey takes a new direction.
    As we move from the beach into the deeper waters so we open ourselves to the winds and the waves, eventually losing sight of the shore we have to find another point of reference. Here at St Paul’s our orientation is toward a ‘Christ-likeness’ of life, a living way that seeks to bring life to others and in the very same process to discover the fullness of life that is our blessing.
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    • Who and what are we as the church of St Paul’s today?
    • What will we look like, and be, in 1 year, 5 years and beyond?
    • What do we give to the greater good and the becoming of all?
    • Are we growing – are we becoming the “Body of Christ”?
    • Sermon that was to be! Nativity of John the Baptist St John the Baptist June 24 2015
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How does my spiritual practice and daily life serve the earth?
How does my spiritual practice and daily life affect the poorest third of humanity?
How does my spiritual practice and daily life affect the generations to come in the future?