Building work was begun 2 October 2010

The community housing alongside St Paul’s is taking shape, a sign of growth and change and an icon of “I AM making all things new”... May we all be renewed and called to rekindle the gifts of God within us as we participate in the delightful building of a community ‘In Christ’.

Community foundations 17th September 2010.

The concrete pour begins. As the concrete trucks are about to arrive and begin the DAMA concrete pour, we place coins in the foundations at the corners of each of the three houses to be built, a symbol of the wealth that is unfolding..

And to make the day even more auspicious we celebrate the Life of Elsa MacRae who died the previous evening aged 102 years. As our oldest member dies so we pour out the foundations of a new community. What a beautiful day. Perhaps, with Elsa, we can glimpse ourselves Residing In Paradise....




DAMA is made up of a small group of parishioners who have committed to developing the two blocks on Hampton Road alongside the church to create community housing and to initiate a “Foundation” to contribute to the sustainable ministry of the St Paul’s community.

There may be an opportunity to take a rental lease on 160 Hampton Road [the small heritage cottage alongside the rectory] and for this to evolve into the overall DAMA vision. If you are interested in renting the property please let Ronny in the office know.

      22 Jun 2011 Fences down
      22 Jun 2011 Fences down
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Building community 28 April 2010 to 3 Aug 2010