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The parable of the talents is not about money, although it is very much about ‘investments’. We might contemplate the parable firstly by looking at the comparative orientation of the players’; and consider our ‘investment’ perspective. Do we have a perspective of ‘abundance’ or ‘scarcity’?

Our culture seeks to promote a place of scarcity; the fears ensure individuals are compliant and the same fears create an almost desperate drive to consumerism. Such a position, hoarding what we have, as demonstrated in the parable is a most uncreative position. Those who trust in the abundance of life are more readily able to give, create, risk and so go beyond the confines of the status quo.

The parable raises many valuable questions. What have you been given? With what are you gifted? What is your calling toward the abundance of God’s creation? Adapted from Quantum Collects, Peter Humphris

Pray without Ceasing


... you, beloved, are not in darkness, ... for you are all children of light and children of the day;

  • Sunday 19th Nov 5pm ‘Mysticism: A Journey to the Heart of God’ 2
  • Monday 20th Nov 7pm Church Council
  • Tuesday 21st NO Elders’ Morning Tea
  • Wed 22nd Nov Gardening group and others prepare grounds
  • Saturday 25th Nov *****Church Fair***** Fair Flyer
  • Sunday 26th Nov 5pm ‘Mysticism: A Journey to the Heart of God’ 3

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Blessing for Unity

May God, the one from whom on different paths All of us have come, To whom on different paths All of us are going, Make strong in our hearts what unites us. May God build bridges across all that divides us; May God make us, united, rejoice in our diversity. Br. David Steindl-Rast, OSB


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Christians and Muslims Break Bread ABC Video

Perth Anglican Church welcomes Muslims ABC Video


Do you know we use our Community Hall, kitchen and other facilities for our celebrations and weekly and monthlyactivities, and that many other groups in our community use it as well?

Our commitment to community is given a ‘real’ expression in practical terms through continuing to maintain a precinct that welcomes all, especially those service groups that could not otherwise operate.

Elders Morning Tea

Community Precinct and the Hall

On behalf of the St Paul’s Council and community, we wish to express our sincere appreciation for the financial contribution from Lotterywest for the conservation work to our heritage listed community hall. Without this financial support from Lotterywest, we would not have had the capacity to undertake the required conservation work to ensure our facility remains a meeting place for so many different community groups.

St Paul’s is committed to growing community & sharing our facilities with the wider community and greatly appreciates the partnership with Lotterywest to assist us to continue to serve the community

Letter of appreciation to LotteryWest July 2016


Kitchen by Lotterywest

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