Our Invitation:

We invite you to consider St Paul’s Church for your special day by visiting our parish and feeling for yourself the warmth of our community and the wonderful ambience that is created by the magnificent old buildings surrounded by their lovely gardens. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your specific needs and any questions you may have. We pray that you will be blessed as you make your preparations and will do our best to see that all arrangements are completed in accord with your plans and with a view to your future.

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Chapel interior

The following information should answer some of your immediate questions. We look forward to celebrating your very special day with you.

St Paul’s Anglican Church

The Church provides a wonderful space for small intimate weddings and for wedding parties of up to about 150 people.

We will be pleased to confirm your wedding date and will provide you with a letter that will also outline the initial stages of preparation.

The Church service is centred on the Anglican liturgy and affords you opportunities to choose readings and music that may involve others in the service. You are encouraged to make changes to the service that reflects your specific intentions.

Wedding Costs and Donations

You should anticipate basic costs associated with your wedding at St Pauls of $950 with a deposit of $250.00 to confirm the booking. This fee will cover the cost of the organist, displays of altar flowers and fees for the sacristan who prepares the church on the day.

There is no fee made for the marriage service or for the time and services of the priest, however we encourage you to make a thanks offering directly to the priest which will be used for the ongoing ministry of the church.

Our Ministry Team

Our team will be pleased to assist you with musical arrangements and can provide professional singing and accompaniment. Likewise, our sacristan, can arrange for suitable floral displays, however if you wish for more elaborate decorations we will be happy to advise and provide these in accord with your wishes.

Our Hospitality team looks after all of our catering requirements and will provide you with a clear design and costing should you choose to use the St Paul’s hall for your reception or for any hospitality following the service.

Wedding Preparation

Obviously your wedding is an important life event, and we will work with you as you prepare together for this special day.

Our priest will meet with you for about four sessions before the wedding and will guide and advise you in creating a meaningful service. We will also complete all the required paperwork to officially record your wedding.

We will also encourage you to engage in a relationship workshop which you can do either with our priest or with one of the many organisations that offer such programs.

If you have your own Anglican priest who you would like for your wedding then we will offer them the full hospitality of the parish.

Reception and Celebration

Our restored “hall” is the original St Paul’s church and offers a wonderful space for formal and informal celebrations. You may like to consider this as a venue for your reception. We can provide catering for up to 80 people or you may like to use the venue and do your own catering. Your guests will have the convenience of not having to move to another place and after your celebration you can drive away from the church to begin your married life and your guests are close to Fremantle if they decide to party on or want to finish off with a coffee on the strip.


Parking Parking is very restricted within the church precinct. You will however find it easier to park in:

1. Rear - Shell Service Station Cnr Hampton & South Street

2. Education Dept car park Cnr Hampton & Lefroy Road

Parking near the church

Thank you

Finally, our thanks for choosing to celebrate this special day at St Paul’s church, we pray that you will be blessed as you make your preparations and will do our best to see that all arrangements are completed in accord with your plans and with a view to your future.

pictures of church areas

Please have a look at the galleries on our web site if you want to see some different aspects of the church and hall.

Printed version of this information

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