Opportunities to participate at St Pauls apart from services

  1. Volunteers needed to man the office: must have computing skills, be
    able to liaise with people booking & using Hall, compose rosters, etc. Contact
    Christabel or John Daniel.
  2. Parish Council: Forms to nominate to serve on Church Council as a
    councillor and/or Warden will be available soon.
  3. Weekly Newsletter: Collect notices and organise circulation via email or
  4. Gardening Group Wednesday mornings - contact Debbie Gwynne or
    Pauline O’Hara, or just turn up on a Wednesday morning about 10am.
  5. Elders’ Morning Tea: volunteers to cook or help. Also pick up those
    without transport. Third Tuesday of the month at 10am. Contact Ruth.
  6. Sunday Morning Tea Roster - Help set up and clean up after. Bring a
    cake or even just packets of biscuits. New people are paired with regulars so
    the arcane secrets of the dishwasher can be passed on. Contact Ruth.
  7. Brass Cleaning- sole meditative activity or social if you bring a friend to help.
  8. Flower roster - sole meditative activityor social if you bring a friend to help.
  9. IGWR In Giving We Receive educational help in Nepal
  10. Just Manna Working and donating for people who need help beyond St Paul’s.
  11. Regular Busy Bee After breakfast on first Saturday of the month. Jobs
    such as sweeping, weeding, cleaning out fridges if necessary etc. Usually
    accompanied by coffee and food and opportunities to get to know to people.
  12. Saturday Morning Breakfast: from 8.15am - $5 for home-cooked food,
    heaps of toast, coffee. New volunteers for the roster are always welcome,
    too. Proceeds go to paying Colleen to clean Church and Hall.
  13. Friday Fire Pit - from about 5.30. Bring a drink and/or food (can be as
    simple as a bag of chips to share).
  14. Coffee - Mon & Thurs from 10.30 (gold coin donation). Often with food.
  15. Start a new activity: What activities do you want at St Paul’s?


“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi



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Blessing for Unity

May God, the one from whom on different paths

All of us have come,

To whom on different paths All of us are going,

Make strong in our hearts what unites us.

May God build bridges across all that divides us;

May God make us, united, rejoice in our diversity.

Br. David Steindl-Rast, OSB


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Do you know we use our Community Hall, kitchen and other facilities for our celebrations and weekly and monthlyactivities, and that many other groups in our community use it as well?

Our commitment to community is given a ‘real’ expression in practical terms through continuing to maintain a precinct that welcomes all, especially those service groups that could not otherwise operate.

Elders Morning Tea

Community Precinct and the Hall

On behalf of the St Paul’s Council and community, we wish to express our sincere appreciation for the financial contribution from Lotterywest for the conservation work to our heritage listed community hall. Without this financial support from Lotterywest, we would not have had the capacity to undertake the required conservation work to ensure our facility remains a meeting place for so many different community groups.

St Paul’s is committed to growing community & sharing our facilities with the wider community and greatly appreciates the partnership with Lotterywest to assist us to continue to serve the community

Letter of appreciation to LotteryWest July 2016


Kitchen by Lotterywest

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