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Faith Central New Zealand

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Australian Journal of e-Theology

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A New Christian's Handbook

The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism Conceived by Rich Elliott of Simon Greenleaf University

The Catholic Bible Study Outline

Anglicans Online: Biblical Study and Criticism links

Aids to Biblical Studies The Wesley Center for Applied Theology   

Research Starting Points -Theology Marquette University.

Academic Info: Biblical Studies An independent directory Mike Madin, a graduate of the University of Washington's Comparative Religion program.

BSW - Biblical Studies on the WEB a staff of international scholars interested in offering to the academic world an Internet biblical research center, and biblical, theological and scientific materials especially produced by emerging scholars.  Roma - Italy

Computer-Assisted Theology: Internet Resources Oxford University

Secular Web Atheism, Agnosticism and Skepticism Online

Felix Just, S.J. Loyola Marymount University

The Biblical Studies Foundation Home of the New English Translation

Internet Theology Resources, by School of Theology College of St. Benedict + St. John's University Minnesota,

Theological Resources on the Web Woodstock Theological Center Georgetown University Full texts by recognized religious scholars

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies Focusing on the early Christian writings and their social world. Norway Volda College

The Jerome Bible Commentary

Foundations of Christian Ethics Yuri Koszarycz

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