Dear Editor Fremantle Herald
The attitude reflected in the comments of both Cr Steve Gorman and Deputy Mayor Phil Douglas, as reported in your front-page story last week. (Homeless a ‘nuisance’: Gorman, Fremantle Herald, August 28) is entirely out of step with the proud history of care that has been a hallmark of Fremantle over decades.
The issue of anti-social behaviour< in the city centre is a serious and complex one that requires sensitive policies and procedures to be dealt with effectively. However, it is apparent that this is not the issue being addressed in the comments of these two would-be community leaders. Rather, they hit on the nuisance value of people who “choose to be homeless” and, in an allusion that suggests these people are no more than rubbish, one claims we pay our rates to "keep our streets clean". We can assure Cr Gorman and Deputy Mayor Phil Douglas that they do not speak on our behalf!
There are many reasons why some people find themselves in a position where a bed in the streets is their best option, not least of which is the withdrawal of support services by successive State and Commonwealth governments to many of the less fortunate in our community, particularly in the area of mental health.
That Fremantle has been a welcoming community for people in distress is a large part of what makes this a special place to live. That our Council has a history of looking beyond economic efficiency to caring for the physical, social and cultural welfare of its citizens is a tradition of which we are proud and insist is worthy of continuing commitment by elected members. The pioneering work of Council in these matters has included establishing the Immunisation Clinic, Gustafson Dental Clinic, Esme Fletcher Day Care, Stan Reilly Centre, The Meeting Place, The Park Hotel, Warrawee Women’s Refuge, the original Evan Davies Library and the Fremantle Arts Centre.
We aspire to a caring and generous community spirit in Fremantle, one that acknowledges the complexities of modern life and seeks to respond to the challenges that arise with intelligence and compassion. In this instance, Cr Gorman and Deputy Mayor Phil Douglas demonstrate neither attribute.
Yours sincerely
1. June Moorhouse,
2. Peter Morris,
3. Sophie Morris
4. Yvonne Holland
5. Victoria Kent,
6. Tommy Cordin
7. Theo Koning
8. Gary Burke
9. Clay and Anneka Sparkes
10. Michael Tunnecliffe
11. Pilar Kasat
12. Jenna Zed
13. Abbe Cook
14. Jane Whiteley
15. Julie Kaesehagen
16. Patricia Meckelburg
17. Diane Snooks
18. Olly Williams
19. Fiona Morrison
20. Mike Horton
21. David Gerrand
22. Edda Pinelli
23. Jim Cook
24. Elizabeth Horne
25. Bryce Albiston
26. Robert Jenkins
27. Sandy Martin
28. Jen Byrne
29. Rosie Johnstone
30. Glen Sugars
31. Ros Cole
32. Bevan Honey
33. Susanna Castleden
34. Trevor Richards
35. Peter Sellars
36. Jeremy Kirwan-Ward
37. Sean Gorman
38. Sue Wadsworth
39. Sarah Veitch
40. Lindy Temple
41. Alexandra Haaxman
42. Susan Gill
43. Rosemary and Roger Horton
44. Gerard MacGill
45. Pierre Brescianini
46. John & Julie Dethridge
47. Chris Williams
48. Jane Doyle
49. Eddie Speed 
50. Adele Carles
51. Ian Alexander
52. David Utting, Jaqueline Spencer
53. Priscilla Shorne
54. Victoria and Robert Castiglione
55. Mark Cattell
56. Lorraine Egan
57. Charlie Coote
58. Celia Andrews ;
59. Kathryn Greenhill
60. Jo Trevelyan
61. Karen Lang
62. Robert Edel
63. Jennifer Nevard
64. Fiona Ross
65. Jane Brown
66. John Hedges,
67. Vicki Battersea,
68. Alison Kershaw
69. Laurel and Michael Ellis
69. Gabrielle Dean
70. Andrea McCallum 
71. Susan Grace
72. Theo Mackaay
73. Julie Craig
74. Anne Fitzpatrick
75. Jenny Grace & Bill Grace
76. Marie Thomson
77. Caroline Dix
78. Mark Randell
79. Carey Randell
80. Nazy Norouzy
81. Jacinta Athersmith,
82. David Hawks
83. Sarah Schladow
84. Richard McKellar
85. Frances Rowland
86. Jane Hammond
87. June Hutchison
88. Jon Strachan
89. Stuart Neal
90. Margot Roberts
91. Lindsey & Jene Moody
92. Dianne Henderson
93. Mollie MacLeod
94. Linda McLain
95. Ron and Dianne Davidson
96. Cathy Hall,
97. Alison, Graham & Sylvia Kershaw
98. Jo Dallimore
99. Jim Thompson
100. Michael Collins