The Editor

The Anglican Messenger

Dear Sir/Madam

Imagine what the world would look like if 70 million people decided to lift up their hearts to the Lord, to lift up their voices against injustice! The Anglican Communion is said to number around 70 million. What could the world look like, if each day, each one of us did something to overturn the values of the world? Instead, we are being asked by a few to concentrate our energies on two issues - the sexuality and the gender of the clergy. We are being diverted by these issues, on the basis that they represent SIN and are against scripture.

It's a clever ploy, and some would see the hand of Satan or whatever the forces are that create evil and work against the unfolding of God's creation. It's clever because it blinds us from seeing things like the poverty of families who sell their children into prostitution, the predators who buy these children, and the people who abuse them, knowing they are children. We don't have to think about the burgeoning refugee problem, or the governments like ours that refuse to accept refugees. And thank goodness we don't have to think about one particular set of refugees, the women and children in Sudanwho are afraid to go out to get water and bare necessities for fear of being brutally raped!

It's clever because we don't have to worry about our nations spending billions on armaments that maim and kill civilians, or the corrupt dictators who amass fortunes in Swiss bank accounts, or that President Bush spent over $220 million just on his election campaign. And I personally don't have to worry that I and the rest of the Western world (about 30% of the total), squander more than 70% of the world's resources, or the global warming and species extinction being caused by greed. I'd hate to have to care that so many children in Africa are being left orphans by AIDS - if I had to think about that I might just have to question what would happen if such 'statistics' were happening to children in Australia or America. <

So what about it, we 70 million Anglicans? Are we going to allow the effete self-flagellation of the argument over gay and female bishops to prevent us from doing anything to change the world order? Are we going to sit back and let them tell us that these are the SINS we should be concentrating our 70 million packages of energy on? Are we going to listen to the Pharisees tell us that this is the 'true' message of Christ? Or are we going to try to do what Christ himself did, and asked us to do, and work actively against the values of the world? Christ and his twelve disciples and the apostles who followed, changed the world. Imagine what 70 million apostles could do! >May 'God's kingdom come on Earth, as in Heaven'.

Yours faithfully
Gabrielle Dean
13th December 2004