You are invited to an afternoon of poetry and music

The Roof Milkers
Annamaria Weldon
Sunline Press

will be launched by Kevin Gillam

on Saturday June 21st at 4pm at Gallows Gallery, 53 Glyde Street, Mosman Park

RSVP by Friday June 20th phone or sms: 0404 0101 42



17 JUNE 2008


“ Roof milkers, she called them, bare feet blessing
worn slabs, hands healing rifts, ritual dressing the old,
dying season..” - Annamaria Weldon, The Roof Milkers Sunline Press 2008

PALMYRA resident and poet Annamaria Weldon is a popular reader
at Fremantle poetry nights such as Voicebox at Tropicana and de Ness at Scots Hall.

Annamaria’s first collection of poetry, The Roof Milkers, published by Sunline Press, was launched recently by Kevin Gillam at Gallows Gallery in Mosman Park.

Poems in this collection draw on the poet’s early experiences in different countries with a family open to embracing different cultures and languages, life in her birth country of Malta, and 25 years as a West Australian resident.

Ms Weldon settled back in her native Malta when she was ten. As a young journalist she lived in a historic village on the island with her husband and two young children (in a house built in 1584), until migrating to Perth in 1984. In her regular journeys back to her birth land she listened to storytellers and her late mother as they recounted customs, traditions and history. This imagery and colour has been woven into her collection of poetry, which spans three decades and two homelands.

The title poem "The Roof Milkers" is about the traditional method of weatherproofing roofs, the annual filling in of cracks in the lime and sand mortar that sealed the spaces between the stone ceiling slabs of traditional Maltese buildings.

“The Roof Milkers is one of those poems where imagery felt downloaded like emailed photos, or channelled, perhaps from childhood stories,” Ms Weldon said.

“Fragments of my mother’s memories, which have the resonance of dreams, including flashes of detail out of context, suggest themselves with sense of urgency that I barely understand. For example, I had no idea that slaves were once responsible for the maintenance of buildings in Malta. But after the poem was written, I researched the content and confirmed the accuracy of her descriptions.”

Other works in the anthology include "Rubleyov’s Hospitality" and "Heralds", inspired by Hebrew scripture; "Thread", drawing on the Spanish she learnt to speak in Guatemala; "Opening Mantras", set in an Indian ashram, and "Kings Square, Friday Night" which, with other Australian Poems, charts 25 years as an Australian resident.

Along with Out Of The Asylum colleagues who meet weekly at the Fremantle Arts Centre, Ms Weldon has participated in the Fremantle Festival and WA Poetry Festivals. Her poems have been published in various anthologies and journals.

Ms Weldon can be heard in Fremantle on August 1st with de Ness at The Davilak Hotel, again at Scots Hall with W.A Poets Inc. to launch National Poetry Week on August 29th and at Walking on Water (WOW at The Laneway, in Perth) on Sept 1st.
For more information on where to hear Ms Weldon or to purchase the book ($25) (no credit card facilities) or order by phone or sms on 0404 0101 42.

Author Photo: Bernadette Aitken
Book Cover Artwork: Sarah Robey
Media: Aligator Media: 040 108 5374