The consecration of the garden went well today, despite a couple of minor problems. After a week of lovely spring weather, the forecast for today was 'Filthy' - gusty winds and heavy rain! But Beth and Co had everything in hand. The Hall looked a treat - a long plant stall at the Hampton Road end, pots also on all the window ledges, with tables groaning with preserves and marmalade at the other end. On the kitchen side of the jam table were large bowls of marinated olives, while on the other side Christabel had her Arsenic and Old Lace stall. There was an endless supply of sandwiches and scones and cakes and coffee to buy. It had such a lovely 'Harvest Festival' feel to it.

And despite the weather people did come along - not as many as on a sunny day perhaps, and it was also the day of the semi-finals of WA's main religion, (which Eagles won against Adelaide; they play Sydney in the Finals).

Then a bit before 11, we moved down to the Church. The choir sounded particularly good - there was a lovely lightness and energy in their singing and a good blend of voices.

We waited upon the arrival of Archbishop. And waited and waited. And quoted lines from scripture (How long O Lord, How long?). Meanwhile the choir kept singing more and more.

Then Theo came to the mike to ask if there was a spare archbishop in the house. More waiting and more singing - it was like waiting for the sinking of the Titanic, except that they had sung 'Abide with Me' first up. At this point Michael started to do actions to 'She comes sailing on the wind'.

Then there was a buzz of expectation as Val appeared from the vestry and collected the Cross - was it finally His Rogerness, we asked ourselves? But no, not yet. Lynne Eastoe took over and got started. She even did a little sermon which she must have just made up on the spot!. At last, as we processed outside to the consecration, we saw that Arch had arrived, and we all clapped. He was suitably embarrassed, having thought the service started at 12!

The rain held off right up till he said 'And the blessing of God Almighty ...' at which point Himself sent down a bit of blessing that sent people scurrying for cover - back to the Hall for more coffee cakes and scones.

Having said all that, the service was lovely - a section of my favourite psalm 139 and the Gospel about the true vine. The consecration was lovely - very elegant and simple. I especially liked the pouring out of the water at the four corners.

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