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Christmas, 25 Dec 2015 Textweek

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These sermon notes were prepared before the sermon was delivered and so do not transcribe the actual sermon word for word.

Three threads…
1. from our Nativity Mass last night

St John Chrysotom contemplated the nativity with a question:
How shall I describe this Birth to you?

For this wonder fills me with astonishment. The Ancient of Days has become an infant. He who sits upon the sublime and heavenly throne, now lies in a manger. And he who cannot be touched, who is simple, without complexity, and incorporated, now lies in the hands of people. God is now on earth and we in heaven; on every side all things commingle."

We have placed a tree in the Centre of our nativity scene as an icon of ourselves, grounded and rooted in the earth and yet reaching and stretching toward heaven..
This is the night of Divine birth, it is not the birth of another, rather the birthing of our divine nature..
Like the tree we reach toward heaven, but tonight is the night where heaven reaches to us
The word became flesh and dwelt among us
No longer do we reach for heaven, for now we are there, with the star of advent,
we can embrace heaven for all are held in the divine embrace revealed through Christ….

2 from the service sheet today

Thank You Eddie Vagg: December 25th is Eddie’s Birthday – and as we celebrate the coming of light we give thanks that Eddie’s bequest of solar panels continues to “Give” and bring us light..

We acknowledge the gift of Light - the gift revealed in the Christ child and the same gift that gives both growth and orientation to the tree
Each of us is called to the manger, to the place of the heavenly star
to the place of Love’s birth, and to the place of our birth
The manger like the cross is the handwork of the tree, and so a reminder of the part we play in this divine story.

We do not come to remember the birth of another, rather we seek our Divine birth into the oneness of all.
So we sing together and seek to translate this ancient story into our own lives.

3. from the last Sunday in Advent

God gave God-self into the manger of humanity
How was this accomplished?
We see in the figure of Mary that the gift is realised in our bearing God into reality
It is not the action of the divine, but rather our divine action that is creative of life and of love..

let us now imagine what Christmas calls forth in birth from us

Janice played John Lennon’s Imagine as peter handed out a gift to all members of the congregation

Peter Humphris