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History & Archives

St Paul's History and Archives Group was formed in May 2002, consisting of Val Pearson, George and Margaret Paynter and Nola Wilks. Margaret has since recorded on computer disc all St Paul's marriage services performed from 1897 until the current register. With the help of church members, all registers were cleaned, details recorded and then wrapped in archive paper and stored in archive approved holding boxes along with other parish records. Val has also been reading many of the parish records in order to expand on the history written earlier by Mr Rawlinson and research done in the '70s by the Rev Geoffrey Chadwick and Margaret Paynter.

Now a lot of information has been collated, and we have published a history of St Paul's. Research has been gathered on the names of those on the WWI Honour Board in the church who died and on the larger WWI Roll of Honour containing 338 names of those who went to war from the parish and district, many of whom also died. We are also obtained new prints of old photos of buildings, events and people connected with St Paul's.

Have you seen the History of St Pauls produced by the St Pauls Archive group? It tells of the years from the earliest days to our latest East story, reflection and photos. A wonderful collection of memories, and labour of love, to take home and linger over...It will make a great souvenir for those just visiting too!! They will be on sale for only $20.00 most Sundays after morning service.
If you ask nicely you can even have yours autographed!
Margaret & George Paynter, Diane Robinson & Val Pearson

We are always happy to receive other items of interest relating to the church's history and we would welcome anybody interested in helping with our work. Enquiries to the Parish Office.


Gabby's 2008 AGM Report

A number of Study Groups have been held during the year, continuing the spirit of exploration of previous years in the Living the Questions and Dancing the Divine series.

This year, Advent and Lent groups gave us opportunities to share and reflect on the meaning and mystery of these major liturgical seasons.

Advent materials included Paula D’Arcy’s daily reflections, while another Advent group examined the symbolic and physical journey of the liturgical year, the liturgy and church buildings. Lent groups included an examination of Richard Rohr and Paula D’Arcy’s A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life, weekly reflections on the Sunday readings and materials that were inspired by ‘core stories’ from scripture. In addition to these seasonal discussions, the very popular ‘Hilton Home Group’ has been meeting on Friday nights throughout the year in the homes of parishioners.

The groups have given us the chance to engage with theology of some of the thinkers on spirituality and 'progressive' Christianity, such as Richard Rohr, Richard Holloway (Doubts and Loves, What’s Left of Christianity), Michael Casey (Fully Human, Fully Divine), Philip Yancey’s (What’s so amazing about Grace), Joan Chittister, Michael Mayne and John O’Donohue, amongst others. In addition, the Nanga weekend was another opportunity to contemplate and live as community, and the St Paul’s website and the Discussion site provide material throughout the year for us to share and reflect on.

Some earlier topics

Discussion Group for pilgrims going to Camino 2007

Paula D'Arcy, Richard Rohr A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life

A set of discussions on cd. Whether you consider your two halves are sequential or run together, these two speakers got us thinking about how much ambiguity we can cope with, and what it really means to live as if we believe. Learning to let go, realising the fragilty of all life, facing what is important ..these themes are addressed by both head and heart.

Both Richard and Paula believe that much personal and church confusion could be helped by clearly distinguishing the tasks of the two halves of life. Much of institutional religion is concerned with the tasks of the first half of life. The need for adults is to move onto the tasks of the second half of life, which are much closer to the concerns of Jesus, Buddha and the mystics of all religions. Prepare for both stages to affirm and challenge you and to recognize the immense implications for raising children and young people.St Anthony Messenger Press

Living the Questions

This was a program that Sandy and Peter initated. It provided an opportunity to consider and discuss relevant aspects of our theology and faith accompanied by presentations on DVD by contemporary theologians.

Living the Questions
Some good discussions as we grappled with apparently basic questions….
1. What is my/our image of God?
2. Am I/Are We of the same substance/nature as Christ (differing by degree only) or is Christ (Son of God) of a different substance?
3. Is there an Anglican position on 2 above?
4. Are all (main) faiths essentially of the same orientation – or are we quite different to Islam/Hindu/Buddhist Etc…?
5. What do we come to Church for?

See Living the Questions a progressive alternative for Christian invitation, initiation, and spiritual formation
"an unapologetically liberal alternative to the alpha course."

More thoughts...Have a look at Progressive Christianity

These discussions are often continued on St Paul's on-line Discussion Forum, and participants are invited to join this chat room as well. For more information, contact the Parish Office.